About Us


Our Children’s Contact Service works within a holistic child focused framework to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. To foster this, we have the flexibility to provide our professional services “on site” or “off site” (if appropriate) to help promote positive family interactions in a neutral but natural setting.

NQ Family Matters aim to provide a supportive counselling service to a range of clients to help enhance the overall well-being of either an individual or a family by providing therapeutic care and interventions to enhance everyday life as well as support during difficult times.

Applied Parenting Program is a structured parenting skills method used to reduce the adverse impact of conflict on children when parents are going through separation. This program includes 12 self-paced online modules, personalised coaching sessions, and Learning-In-Action training sessions. Our program will allow the parents the opportunity to work with certified professionals in applying the theory and skills they learn to their everyday lives, including both in-situ and real-life situations. NQ Family Matters has collaborated with iDRstart to provide the Learning-In-Action training section of the program, giving parents an opportunity to practice and apply parenting skills within everyday life.

NQ Family Matters offer Integrated Therapies such as:

HeartSpeak emotional healing and stress reduction sessions Mindfulness and Meditation. Our individual sessions are provided by Practitioners to help guide and develop personal awareness, healing and growth for people from all walks of life.

*no referral necessary.

to encourage, to lift, to support & strengthen one another